How you can help

The local communities need your support in myriad ways. You can simply visit the area and see many ‘specials’ amongst birds and butterflies. Or just come for the grandeur of the hills, the golden-hued jhum farm patches intermingling with greeny-blue forests and to meet the Sema community with their unique dances and rituals. Join them in lighting a fire the traditional way or yoddle and dance during their Ahuna harvest festival.

You can also visit the area to document the biodiversity, discover specials amongst birds and butterflies and perhaps new and interesting species and range extensions. Providing monetary support to fund 1-2 forest guards per month would also be greatly appreciated. Give of your expertise-for example ways to run a homestay, training in photography or waste disposal. Most of all come and appreciate the incredible conservation actions of the local people.

And tourism companies and others promoting ecotourism in North-East India, please come visit, scope out the area and tie up with the local communities to bring ecotourists to Zunheboto, the heart of Nagaland. While we promise many ‘lifers’’ for the ecotourists, in turn they will contribute to community conservation and enhanced forest protection.

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