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Tizu Valley Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Network wins special recognition under MoEFCC-UNDP 2018 awards for Sustainable Use of Biological Resources!

First ever Biodiversity Meet hosted in Nagaland by our local communities

Morungexpress 24 May 2018 | Nagalandpost 24 May 2018

The moth species Krananda lucidaria Leech, 1897 has been spotted in village Kivikhu, Zunheboto which is possibly a new range extension to India. The current geographical range is W. and S. China, N. Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo. Image credits: Sanjay Sondhi.

The local community of Kivikhu surrendered their guns and laid them at the altar of the local church as a sign of their commitment to halt hunting and engage in conservation!

Documentation of Community Conserved Areas of Nagaland

A Not-so-rare Species: Sightings of Mandarin Ratsnakes, Euprepiophis mandarinus (Cantor 1842), in the Zunheboto District of Nagaland, India

Treading a Conservation Path — Community Reserves in Zunheboto, Nagaland

Unsteadily, we inch our way along the narrow trail on the edge of the mountain, peering cautiously over the edge in search of the elusive spot-breasted parrotbill (Paradoxornis guttaticollis).

An Unexpected Raid: A Tale of Communities and Conservation from Nagaland

were the words from a youth belonging to Sema tribe of Sukhai village from Nagaland, after they had caught people from the neighbouring villages fishing in their river.

Organisation of ecotourism training 6-13th December: Add in news section

The last formal training as part of the GEF-Satoyama was held from 6th to 13th December. Sanjay Sondhi of Titli Trust along with Yatish Lele and Pia Sethi of TERI acted as the facilitators.

Organization of the second resilience training workshop in the project villages (Add in news section) The second assessment of the resilience workshop for SEPLS was undertaken in the project area to map the impact of the project on the landscape.

Organisation of first Chengu festival by Sukhai visit on January 7th- 9, 2019

The sustainability of the community conservation initiative in the three villages sponsored by GEF Satoyama via Conservation International is now quite evident from a biodiversity....

An Experimental Eco-Tourist in Nagaland

In the last week of October, I found myself sitting under the stars by a roaring fire in Sukhai village, high in the forested hills of Nagaland’s Zunheboto district.

Conserving with communities IN Zunheboto, Nagaland

In Nagaland, traditional conservation and wise-use practices have helped protect biodiversity over the centuries. Despite this, rampant hunting, forest degradation and tree felling are greatly threatening the State’s biodiversity. The revival of traditional conservation practices through the creation of Community-Conserved Areas (CCAs), however, offers hope for conservation, as communities set aside parcels of forests within productive, jhum (shifting cultivation) landscapes.

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  • Mobilise support for the formation of CCAs including larger networks of contiguous forest patches in Zunheboto district
  • Revive traditional conservation practices (e.g. hunting bans during the breeding season)
  • Carry out ecological assessments of these CCAs
  • Develop community-based ecotourism initiatives
  • Formalise and mainstream a network of CCAs along with the Nagaland Government and Forest Department.

Documentation of Traditional knowledge

The people of the villages especially the youth are themselves documenting the birds, butterflies, mammals, moths, herpetofauna and insects of the area.

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Training Programs for the Local Communities

Training of local youth in bird, butterfly and moth identification

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Spreading the

We hope to expand this initiative in three villages of Nagaland, not only to neighbouring villages in the Satakha area of Zunheboto but to other villages across Nagaland.

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